The winter product you never knew you needed

The Commuter: The original all-in-one, feature-packed, modern day balaclava.

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HATE feeling the cold in the winter? Then this is the product for you

Emberhurst marries form and function, delivering a one-product solution to keep your face, ears, and neck warm from the winter elements.

The Commuter was designed for conquering the cold. Featuring a patent pending design, The Commuter will keep your face, ears, and neck warm while staying breathable, and fashionable.

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Face the elements.
Look good doing it.

Your jacket keeps your body warm in the winter, but why neglect your face? The Commuter comfortably wraps around your face and neck, creating an effective insulating barrier against the elements to help you feel remarkably warmer than when left exposed.

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A winter face protector, built different.

Addressing all the issues other products choose to ignore.

Breath redirection vent

Unlike other winter face masks, we added an opening (that’s subtly hidden) redirecting your breath down and out, allowing you to breathe much easier than other options

Fog Prevention for Glasses

The Commuter incorporates 3 different design features to minimize and prevent your glasses from fogging.

Removable Ear Band

Ears are always the first to get cold, so we’ve integrated an optional ear band with an integrated adjustable cord to keep your ears warm.

7 Points of Adjustment

Every face is unique, that’s why we have 7 points of adjustability so The Commuter can be customized to your face.

Unisex Design

The Commuter features a unisex design that's perfect men, women, and teens who are interested in keeping warm.

Neck Protection

Additional material around the neck allows you to tuck The Commuter into your jacket, sealing in your body heat where you lose it the most.

Superior Quality

Designed in Canada, The Commuter was created to be tough, so you can endure the brutal winters. Used and loved by customers around the world, we’ve sold to just over 59 countries and counting!

Sophisticated Look

We were sick and tired of the options available that made you look ridiculous, so we designed something that could be dressed up or down.


Hidden Airflow Vent

A breath redirection vent allows your breath to flow out and down, and also allowing you to breathe much easier than other options available on the market.

Hidden Metal Nose Strip

A hidden metal nose strip allows you to contour The Commuter to fit the bridge of your nose as a first line of defense against a backdraft.

Hidden Foam Insert

Every nose is unique. That's why we've included foam inserts (removable) that slot into the face protector to act as another way to prevent airflow backdraft. 

Built-in Elastic Band

The built-in elastic band allows The Commuter to gently hug your face to create a seal against any condensation from finding its way up to your glasses or eyelashes.

Extra Neck Protection

The extra fabric around the neck allows you to tuck The Commuter into your shirt or jacket, keeping warmth in and the cold wind chill out.

Removable Earband

The removable earband gives you the versatility to swap it out when it's warmer, or swap in a beanie on those extra cold days.

a PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR UNIQUE FACE WITH 7 points of adjustability

  • Metal nose strip
  • Metal chin strip
  • Earloops
  • Ear Band Cord
  • Earband Snaps
  • Anti Snag Velcro
  • Foam nose pads

Designed by Canadians who know the cold


Better by design

Designed from the ground up to beat the competition.


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Includes The Commuter to keep you warm. The Emberhurst Merino Wool Beanie for added warmth, and the Washbag / Carrying Bag to protect your Commuter in the wash.

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