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Meet Garlon and Aimee, the driving forces behind Emberhurst. They are two Canadian friends passionate about using their creativity to solve everyday problems. Combined, they bring years of fashion and product design, supply chain know how, business & finance experience to the table.

Their current obsession: Keeping the world warm by getting The Commuter to the hands of the masses.


With 20+ years of fashion industry experience, working for brands such as New Balance, Steve Madden, and Buffalo Jeans, in roles from prototype design, to sourcing materials, and even working with manufacturers.

Trust us when we say she knows the whole vertical of apparel business - this isn't her first rodeo!


A jack of all trades, Garlon has helped launch four other successful Kickstarter projects, combined raising over $900,000 USD. 

With a background in the many facets of business (marketing, operations, finance, analytics), he takes a systematic approach to ensure all operations run smoothly.

Humble beginnings

We got our start with a humble Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. 

In just 4 weeks, we hit well over our $5000 campaign target, raising over $295,000 from 2660 backers! Proving that there was a high demand for our unique product - The Commuter.

Adding our Indiegogo efforts, we were able to raise a total of $321,152 to further fuel the growth of our company.

To those Backers who supported us and believed in our idea - thank you!

Where the idea came from

The idea for The Commuter was dawned out of necessity in 2013 when Garlon was an intern at a corporate job. 

He would spend 15 minutes walking to and from work in Canada’s gorgeous but freezing winters.

He’s tried countless products over the years that claim to help protect faces and ears from the harsh wind-chill, but nothing worked effectively. Not to mention how outlandish they make you look. Have you seen balaclavas?! 

Fast forward a number of years and still frustrated with the options available on the market, he joined forces with Aimee to finally invent something to solve this problem.


Emberhurst is proud to call Canada home. We design and test our products right here in our own backyard to withstand the coldest and harshest winter conditions.


Got feedback? Questions? We're all ears!

Suite 3, 101 25AVE SW
Calgary, AB, Canada

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